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Polarhide - the original, tested and proven, seamless, highly durable, water and heat impervious roof coating that adheres to all roof types through structural bonds.

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  • Do you own a restaurant with a leaking roof? Please download our helpful brochure on how Polarhide can help you.
  • Check out our new information on Self Storage facilities and how your roof can make you money!
  • Are you a property manager and is your roof leaking? Check out our brochure on Polarhide's Seamless liquid applied membrane.
  • Polarhide is ideal as a Maintenance And Repair product for whole roof maintenance.
  • Polarhide's Solar Reflective index of 104 pegs the 0-100 scale developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs to more accurately measure the solar heat blocking capability of roof surfaces. On the LBNL developed scale 78 SRI is officially a cool roof. Polarhide is 26 points higher than the EPA standard.
  • Polarhide offers a 20 year standing water (ponding water) warranty full parts and labor. See which of the water based cool roof coatings (Elastomerics, Acrylics, Latexes) can do that.
    Polarhide also offers a 20 year roof wide warranty.
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Professional Roofers And Installers: Our business model focuses on commercial roofs. Polarhide is not available retail from hardware store chains and the like. We sell directly to professional roof installers and coating applicators. We do not offer residence sales except where the customer is hiring a professional to do the install. Visit our contact page to email for more details. We typically call back/email same day.

Polarhide is a high impact resisting, highly flexible, highly reflective, water impervious and heat impervious roof surface and adheres via structural bonds to all roof types and can be installed in all weather conditions. It can fully repair a tar and gravel roof at near half the cost of a tear off and new roof install and give you a higher performing roof with a longer roof warranty. Polarhide fully repairs All BUR roofs, Asphalt covered, Metal, Torchdown, Mineral Capsheet, Foam (PUF/SPF), all membrane roofs (e.g. EPDM), etc. Polarhide adheres to all roof decks including concrete, metal, plywood, perlite/light concrete etc.

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