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Getting Started

How Polarhide Fits Your World

  1. Polarhide can be used:
  2. as a full roof replacement
  3. as a major roof retrofit over any roof surface
  4. as a major surface overhaul without roof replacement
  5. For heavy duty roof maintenance and emergency roof repair
  6. As an excellent new roof for any roof deck
  7. As an excellent retrofit or coating on any existing roof - regardless of age, roof material or environment

A 20 yr warranty is standard in all cases.

A Free Roof Inspection And Full Digital And Print Report

The Polarhide roof remediation system begins with a free roof inspection and full report. The report is placed on a secure website for you to review privately or distribute to colleagues. A no obligation proposal at your request follows. The report is emailed to you too. We will send the package via regular mail at your request.

If you decide to go forward with us we begin with prepping your roof followed by roof repair to surface, flashing, penetrations, sumps, reglets etc. Polarhide, applied last, is the waterproofing and heat proofing component of our system.

Winning The Battle Against Leaks

How many of your waterproofing contractors have recommended blocking roof heat to stop leaks?Polarhide's powerful triple-cooling technology (Reflectivity, Emissivity, and Insulation) dramatically reduces heat gain on coated surfaces.Polarhide's water imperviousness is partly because of its ability to "out wet" water. It has a mechanical and physical/chemical imperviousness to water that water cannot overcome. Ever. Polarhide can be applied through standing water for this reason. Hundreds of water tanks throughout the US are coated on the interior with Polarhide. Some have been in operation for 30 years and more without a recoat.

Winning the battle against leaks involves understanding Thermal Shock.

Roof heat is the the primary cause of leaks. A metal roof, 1000 feet long, will stretch 2 or more inches at 200 degrees roof temperature. In the sunbelt, roofs hit 200 degrees, 100 times a year. At night, or even when a cloud goes across the sun the roof cools and tries to regain its original dimensions. Thermal Shock, which this expansion and contraction of roofs is called, causes most leaks and weakens roofs' supporting structure. Meanwhile UV corrodes the roof surface and turns sealant to dust. Waterproofing then fails. Thermal Shock is seen on your metal roof when you see fasteners lifting up or absent altogether, dried out foam inserts, and separation of panels, roof skin or flashing at the seams. Thermal shock is seen on BUR when the asphalt "alligators" ( like dried cracked skin only magnified)

Polarhide blocks Thermal Shock ending the primary cause of leaks at its source.

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